Chip and Pin Machines For Secure Payments
( ) - Chip and Pin has been the main process of paying for services via card transactions in the UK for over a decade and is now easy to set up thanks to third parties.

Welcome to the Seymour Direct LiveJournal
Following the unveiling of our brand new website we have decided to take a more active approach to social media and want to get involved in blogging to document our success stories and to detail any projects we are currently working on.
Since we are a merchant services company who specialize in providing small and large businesses with the latest card terminals to accept payments, we mainly discuss the ways in which you can get approved for specialist merchant accounts to deposit funds from these transactions. However, we also provide businesses with eCommerce facilities and therefore we discuss anything from developing your website to starting a business as topics on our blog. You can read our latest post here

We are constantly looking at ways we can provide rich media graphics to our visitors such as 'Rollover Buttons' or sliders which people can interact with. Therefore we will be regularly updating this blog with examples of designs we have created since we understand that visualizing is much more productive for our site that pages and pages of text. Our designer has recently created some promotional images for 'Contactless Payments' which are the latest in technology for card transactions:


We wanted more outlets to express our editorial and creative designs and therefore we will be regularly updating this blog with news regarding the latest developments with regards to 'Contactless Technology' and how consumers are benefiting from increased convenience when paying by card.
Many people are unaware at present about the new method of paying by card and might have received the new 'contactless card' in the mail since the project was unveiled in the UK in early 2012. Only a handful of U.S cities accept contactless and therefore this blog is only targeted towards British readers.
Not only will we have updates about the latest technology but Seymour Direct also provide the best security when it comes to eCommerce sites because they are partnered with Sagepay and all shopping cart technology comes with Mastercard 3D secure. So if you have an online business and you are reading this blog then you can learn about ways to increase your income and efficiently send out invoices to your customers all within an easy to use online portal.


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